Who Says Ships Cannot Have Awesome Bathrooms?

Bathrooms are often taken for granted when it comes to cruise ships. Often, they are pictured as very small that they can hardly accommodate the toiletries that ‘cruisers’ are supposed to make use of. You have to take note, however, that something can be done with the bad reputation that these ships have all these time. In fact many ships have taken a notch higher when it comes to giving travellers awesome bathrooms that they have always wanted. A few examples of such are the following.

The suite bathroom

Suites are commonly connected to bedrooms but in the case of Celebrity Reflection’s cruise ship, a suite bathroom is now accessible to guests. As the name implies, experience the best amenities you never imagined to be found in a bathroom. Apart from the fact that it has a so-called balcony bathtub, it is also fitted with a flat-screen TV. The shower area is also enclosed with glass panels. A telephone is also found in this marvellous space.

The penthouse bathroom

penthouse bathroom

Both Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity have this type of bathroom in them. This awesome bathroom is fit for a king with Italian marble mosaics all throughout, a heated floor and a master bath that will definitely soothe you during a tiring walk at a cruise stop. From the bathroom windows, you also get a perfect view of the ocean. It has enough storage for your toiletries with its double vanity as well.

The modern bathroom

A more modern and awesome bathroom is one you can see in no less than Viking Cruises’ very own Viking Star. Also known as the Explorer Suite bathroom, this one has combined a great ocean view and a luxurious sitting area where you can enjoy the cruise even more if you want to be away from all the other people in the cruise. You can also make sure of the luxury robes as well as the slippers provided with your rental of this bathroom. Like the penthouse bathroom it also has heated tile floors.

The duplex bathroom

Who says that duplex is just for home constructions? Now, you can experience duplex bathrooms via Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. This space is finished with a neutral marble tile and is a picture of the 1930s era. This bathroom is gifted with no less than three marble sinks with a shower separated from the whirlpool tub.

The loft suite bathroom

Wrapping up the list of awesome bathrooms that other cruise ships may emanate from are the loft suite bath rooms of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship lines. It features an open-space concept and is equipped with handheld sprayers, a set of two rain-head faucets and a whirlpool tub. It also has a bidet and more than enough cabinet space to accommodate your toiletries and towels.

With all the great examples above, who says ships cannot have awesome bathrooms? Therefore, we encourage you to take the next step. Have the gorgeous bathrooms that you want by contacting us today. We are experienced when it comes to marine fitouts that will make your ship stand out like no other.