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What Role Does Compressed Air Play In A Marine Diesel Engine?

Have you ever thought about diesel engines in ships, tankers, or any other marine fit-outs, and how they are started? Equivalent in size to a four-story building, the main propulsion engine in ships is started with the help of compressed air at pressure of 30 bar. As you may or may not know, a ship Read More

How to Get Ideas for Luxury Fitouts

If you own a boat then congratulations – you’re likely the envy of pretty much everyone you know! (Which comes with its own downsides but hey) Now though, you need to make sure you are making the very most of your privileged position by kitting your boat out with the best luxury fitout. That means Read More

What is an Oil Tanker?

An oil tanker – also sometimes referred to as a petroleum tanker – is a ship that is designed to transport oil. Oil of course is a highly valuable commodity which has a number of important applications for modern living. The vast bulk of this oil is imported from overseas and so of course oil Read More

What Are The Key Areas You Should Address In A Marine Fitout Contract?

First impressions are very important and for this reason, a lot of time and money is spent to ensure that the final look of a ship is the image that ship owners want to portray to customers. Despite this, the importance of fitout contract is often downplayed. Cases are often reported where high valued fitout Read More