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Boat Fitouts: Why Should You Update Your Boat’s Interiors?

Normally, individual and business boat owners spend a substantial amount of time working on their vessels to ensure that they are clean and appealing as possible. After a while, a longing for an upgrade usually rises to keep up to date with modern trends. By so doing, they get to continue enjoying their vessels. So Read More

Buying Your First Yacht: Points You Should Consider First

Statistically, the number of billionaires in the world is increasing. As a result, there are more and more people who are interested in investing in luxury items such as yachts. If you are one of these or happen to know one, chances are that you may be a bit apprehensive on how to approach the Read More

Converting Sea Water Into Drinkable Water In A Tanker

When on a voyage, tankers utilize water that is purified throughout journey by in-house fresh water making plants. As a matter of fact, distilled or fresh water is utilized in tankers as an engine cooling medium. In the past, the purification process was done through evaporators that used steam from the main diesel cooling water Read More

Top Tips For Your Annual Marine Fitout

Getting your boat fitted out for the new season requires plenty of planning and the use of a well-experienced fitting out team. The team will come with a full set of tools, silicone grease, petroleum jelly, cans of lubricating oil, penetrating oil, degreaser and some wooden bungs. They will bring engine spares and treatment materials Read More